Welcome to Georgia Tech!

The New Employee Experience at Georgia Tech includes a series of in- person and online events bridging the first six months of employment, all designed to accelerate your productivity as a new hire. Productivity comes from a sense of ownership, and a personal connection to our mission, vision and values. We think of the New Employee Experience as a continuous process of engagement and learning and have designed each experience to be impactful, informative, fun and packed with key takeaways that set you up for success

We have designed this experience in direct alignment with our goals of accelerating productivity and creating connection. We believe the online portal, the in-person and virtual information sharing, the cohort groups as well and the learning sessions will aid as you orient yourself to the Georgia Tech community at large.

What You Will Find in the New Employee Experience

  • Welcome to Tech is an in person experience all new hires attend during their first days on campus, and will provide all the basic information needed to navigate Tech as a new hire. You’ll meet and interact with some of Georgia Tech’s leaders, to learn from their experience, and give them the benefit of your fresh perspective
  • You’ll come to understand Georgia Tech’s approach to performance management
  • Finally, near the end of your first six months, you’ll begin to consider a path for the rest of your career at Tech

To achieve our full potential as an institution, your colleagues need you to be successful, and to be at your maximum level of productivity. And so we hope that – even though you will be busy - you will make time to participate fully in each of these very important learning experiences

We are so excited to have you as a member of the Georgia Tech Family!!

Make sure you sign up for your New Employee Experience: Welcome to Tech! session in your first 30 days.