Meet the Workplace Learning & Professional Development Team

Our team works in collaboration with campus units to provide critical skills training to enhance and sustain existing competencies. Please don't hesitate to contact us for assistance if our areas of expertise or responsibility matches an existing need.

Wansley Dennis, Training Coordinator

Wansley is a passionate person that strives for perfection when it comes to handling logistics for the various training courses offered by the Workplace Learning and Professional Development team. Her military background as well as working with various agencies within the State Merit System have afforded her the opportunity to work with individuals from all levels of responsibility. She is known as the “go to person” within the team. Most questions asked around the office end with the answer, “Ask Wansley”. When she’s not at work she enjoys bowling and spending quality with her husband Alfred and their three dogs. Her favorite quote is "People don't care what you know until they know that you care".

LaTrese Ferguson, Manager of Workplace Learning & Professional Development

LaTrese is a multi-talented learning professional, often described as “real”, “down to earth”, “easy going” and “fun-loving”. LaTrese believes the mantra “To whom much is given, much is required”. She has been afforded lots of opportunities in her life that have equipped her to lead a dynamic team here at Georgia Tech. Throughout her career she has worked for the Federal Government, large world class consulting firms as well as in the non-profit world. LaTrese has expertise in instructional design and delivery, project management, quality management, and people management. However her first love is standing in front of an audience facilitating insightful discussions. She knows the right questions to ask and never lets participants stay on the surface. “Dig deep!” she says, “As that is where your Ah Ha moment can be found”. When she is not in the classroom delivering engaging learning opportunities, or busy leading the WLPD team. You can find her on play dates with her little one Bethany or on big girl dates with her husband TJ.

Paula Skinner, DBA/Technical Writer

Building bridges is Paula’s passion. Not the ones that Georgia Tech Grad’s would build but ones between people and learning. She brings a wide-range of skills to Work Place Learning and Development through a mix of IT and Organizational Behaviors. Paula keeps the registration system crisp, clean and humming along for all prospective learners. With her perspective in Organizational Behaviors she understands the great need for the dynamic learning environment we have developed at Georgia Tech and the impact that it has on an organization. Paula is a published author academically and is currently working on her first non-academic work. In her spare time you find her working with people without homes in Cobb and Fulton counties. Trying to live her life using her core values - live wholehearted, be present and find your authenticity.

Yvette Francis, Training Generalist II

The most vivid memories loved ones have of Yvette's childhood are her dynamic personality and thought-provoking conversations. Yvette believes it was destiny that she would grow up to be a learning and development professional. Passionate about onboarding new employees, roughly five years ago Yvette began crafting new employee experiences that have helped equip new hires with the tools and resources necessary to launch their success. When Yvette is not working with Tech’s best and brightest new employees or striving to design out of the box learning sessions, her weekends are filled creating memories with family and friends. Traveling the world is next on her long list of to-dos. Yet, she believes her most fulfilling and ongoing to-do is best articulated in John Bunyan's affirmation, “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”

Travis Waugh, Instructional Technologist

Travis loves to learn and has built his career around helping others do the same. His interests range from philosophy and science to literature and film, and he strives to weave these eclectic elements into every learning experience he creates. The result is engaging, thought-provoking online content and live courses that achieve meaningful change. He believes that learning is a science and is continuously experimenting to find the most effective methods of transferring knowledge and developing skills, including a personal focus on using humor as an educational tool. He has shared his results with the international community of trainers and instructional designers, and looks forward to learning and growing with these industry leaders in the years to come. He enjoys watching sports when he’s not at work—especially basketball, football, and soccer—and has no problem staying entertained for nine months out of every year... twelve months during world cup years!